My Simple Noctis Gallery

It's not much, but I like the pretty things I stumble upon.
Sorry if the page layout makes you cry. Blame the simple batch process.

 the bush and the tree have been known to peacefully coexist.
this tree is a nicely balanced one.
not one of those fat, leaning trunks you sometimes see.
 the jpeg compression was mean to this planet.
you can still see the extreme colors in the storms.
 i love a bright quartz planet.
this canyon has some crazy lighting going on.
 these slopes have smoother lighting.
the transition from dark to light is wonderful.
 the radiation from the star seems to make the quartz come alive.
 i almost landed on this tree.
cat stuck in a tree?
Felysian stuck in a tree?
could have been a bad day.
 another bloodthirsty tree!
 what is it with me and rings?
 a lens flare parallel to the rings of the planet i'm orbiting.
what's not to love?
 i'm a sucker for rings
 our sun is NOT supposed to look like this.
if it does, then you are probably high on something.
 the star and planet names are funny.
the local vegitation is nice, though.
help prevent forest fires!
 this has got to be one of the coolest ponds that i've ever gone swimming in.
 the name of this star is very appropriate.
 EKA has a talent for naming planets.
 ignition as you pass a star.
 the nicest quartz planet i've seen so far.
 same planet, rough region.
notice the distant twinkles of quartz embedded in the landscape.
 a look at the same planet from orbit.
 i was entering orbit on another planet when i noticed i was moving into the shadow of this planet.
i had to snap a picture.
 lens flare in a multiple star system. i love it.
 don't be fooled.
the distant green planet is just as barren as the one i'm orbiting.
 i told you i love the lens flare in a multiple star system.
 looks a bit like our star, doesn't it?
 always fun to find a planet that can sustain life.
i can't wait to hit the surface.
got one shot of this creature before he took off.
 told you.
 storms don't always make a surface landing this cool.
 oh. an island.
 translucent trees.
i need some of these for my landscaping.
 more lush vegitation. oh boy.
 does this rock count as ruins?
 awesome! a life form!
 oh wow.
it seems to be taking a break from hopping.
i'm going to get closer.
 i think i'll get even closer.
 annnnnd, he attacks me and eats my head.
 purple planets are said to be inhabited by purple people eaters.
i think i'll leave.
 a stormy planet with huge oceans.
 i'm fairly sure i'm getting irradiated.
 bush/cactus plant?
 crap, i picked the middle of the ocean to deploy my surface module. T_T
 *cough* *gack* *sputter*
 must *burble* reach *sploosh* surface module
 this star just looks nice through a planet's atmosphere.
this pond has green stuff in it.
i'm out.
 crappy planet with it's green ponds, i'm going back to the ship.

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